Go Fund Me


The Hanna S.P.C.A. is a small, volunteer driven "Open-Admission" shelter (we never say no) located in Hanna, East Central Alberta. We serve a large, rural area spanning from the Battle River, south to the Red Deer River, and east to the Saskatchewan border.We've opened a "Go Fund Me" campaign, with a specific goal in mind:

A New Building


The building in which the Hanna S.P.C.A. operates, simply no longer meets our needs. The building is very outdated, substantially energy inefficient, and falling into disrepair. A new building would mean a new beginning for the Hanna S.P.C.A. and a huge step forward in our ability to care for animals. 

We know this amount is a large request from the community however, it is necessary for the SPCA to continue operating and serving the community. The amount raised will be used to secure a lot within the town of Hanna and to construct a new building from which the SPCA will operate. The Hanna S.P.C.A. greatly appreciates any support you could provide to this large project.​


Cat Maternity Kennel


This cat maternity kennel would allow us to have greater access to the mother and kittens when compared to those we are currently using. We will be able to better monitor the health and development of the kittens and also be able to clean the kennel much easier providing a great place for the kittens to spend their first few weeks in this world. The 'second story' perch will also allow the mother to take a (sometimes much needed) break from her kittens, keeping her happy and healthy. 

This kennel will provide the opportunity to better attend to the needs of the mothers and kittens who are under our care. We greatly appreciate any help you can give us, wether it be a donation or just helping to spread the word.