Who Are We?

We are a charity organization & volunteer group dedicated to animal welfare, dignity and their protection from suffering.  We were founded in February 2005, incorporated as a society in October 2005, became a registered Charity on June 1, 2009.  We rely entirely on donations & volunteers and are always looking for motivated people and donations of time, supplies or funds.  We receive calls on a daily basis regarding lost or found animals. We accept surrendered dogs from the town that haven't found their home or owners. We have not had to euthanize any animal unless they are suffering with no exception.  Our bylaws can be read by hovering over FAQ in the main menu, then clicking on "Bylaws".

Since we are an officially Registered Charity this means that your monetary donations are income tax deductible and we can issue an official receipt with our charity number on it.  That’s great news for us and for you.  We appreciate all your donations, big or small, and we are glad to be able to recognize them with a tax benefit.


Where Do You Keep The Animals?

We have a facility, run by volunteers, where we can house and care for animals while they are awaiting adoption.  We also have foster homes with caring families around Hanna.  We prefer fostering the animals as they are getting 24 hour care and love and adapt better to a new home if they have been trained by a foster family.


Do you take in & care for Lost or Found pets?

If you have lost your pet or found a stray animal that you would like to put up on facebook page, please email pictures and details to hannaspca@gmail.com or call 403-854-3700.


Our facility is located at:

321 - 3rd Ave East

Hanna, Alberta


Hours of Operation:



Why should I spay or neuter my animals?

Every year thousands of animals are euthanized in shelters across the nation. With so many animals coming into shelters daily, it's impossible to find homes for all of them.  Please join Hanna SPCA in their effort to educate the citizens of Hanna on the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.  It's important to have your pets spayed or neutered by the time they reach sexual maturity, around 6 months of age.  There are so many benefits to spaying and neutering your pets which include:

• it helps pets live longer

• it makes pets more affectionate companions

• pets are less likely to fight

• spaying/neutering reduces the urge to roam

• it stops males from marking their territory

• neutered pets have fewer behavior problems

• it's cheaper than caring for a litter

• neutering prevents the birth of unwanted puppies/kittens

• and the number one reason...IT SAVES INNOCENT ANIMALS LIVES!


How do I report Animal Cruelty?

We at the Hanna SPCA Pet Rescue and Shelter do not respond to reports of animal cruelty, we refer you to the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003.  If you are unable to get through, please phone the Hanna RCMP @ 854-3393.  If you are curious about how the Alberta SPCA handles animal abuse calls, please go to http://www.albertaspca.org/Reporting.asp


Where do operating dollars come from?

We rely entirely on donations from the public, local businesses and organizations. 


Can I buy a membership?

Absolutely! If you care about animals in need and want to ensure longevity of this program, you can become a member today for only $10. Your support as a member helps to ensure that animals in our charge are protected and cared for. Your fees are put towards Veterinary visits/medications, pet food/supplies and administrative costs. If you bring the fee in person you will receive a purple pin that represents your support against animal cruelty.